Meet the residents: Emily England Designs

An artist and designer, Emily Kakili of Emily England Designs is a founder resident of the Bone Yard, setting up shop in her container studio when we opened our doors in September 2015. She has a passion for illustrating, designing and binding books and creating beautiful paper cuts, and runs workshops at the Bone Yard in paper cutting, laser cutting and bookbinding.

Emily started her business about two and a half years ago, after completing a degree in Graphic Design. She says, “I didn’t really want to go into the industry, but I knew I liked making things, so after doing a few extra courses in bookbinding and business management I decided to start my own business.” 

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Stumbling on Narnia

Finding a suitable studio space proved a challenge at first, until Emily stumbled upon the Bone Yard purely by chance and instantly loved it. “I had a few bits of equipment that were too big to keep at home and had been looking for a studio space to rent in Cardiff for a while," she says. "My studio at the time was at the back of my Dad’s business in mid Wales and the commute back and forth wasn’t the best. I loved the idea of having a studio in a shipping container and I was lucky to get the last one when the Bone Yard first opened!”

Since then Emily’s business has had space to grow and develop in a community setting. She describes it as “a great little hub of creativity. People often ask me where my studio is and it’s loads of fun telling them that I work in a converted shipping container on an industrial estate in Canton that you access down a tunnel! Sounds a bit like Narnia...”

The future for Emily England Designs

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Emily has lots of plans for her business, and enjoys using her laser cutter to experiment with different materials and processes.  She’s looking forward to starting a Masters in Illustration in September 2017 and is in the process of starting a wholesale line of her business. “It’s really interesting and a whole new world of things I need to learn!” she says. “I definitely have a long way to go. My plan is world domination and this is definitely my first, tiny baby step.”

She’s also been busy showing her work at craft and artisan fairs across the country, including being chosen to take part in the last ever Art in Action in Oxfordshire in 2016. She says, “It was one of the original artisan fairs and I really didn’t think I would be accepted. It was a fantastic week (I was a bit broken afterwards!). To be surrounded by so many talented makers and to be part of something like that was such an honour.”

What’s coming up soon?

Emily has lots of workshops coming up over the next couple of months that you can get involved in, including some new book binding ones - check out her website (below) for more info. She also has a new range of decorations coming out, and is hoping to bring out a range of brooches soon too.

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