Meet the residents: Therapy at the Bone Yard

Our current ‘oldest’ residents (they moved into their shared container at the Bone Yard when we first opened in September 2015), Sarah and Jane offer Art Therapy and Counselling to children, young people and adults. 

Their clients come to them for a range of mental health challenges, such as depression, low self-esteem, bereavement, anxiety, self-harming, eating disorders, stress, and difficulties surrounding work and redundancy.

Supporting emotional wellbeing

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jane when I worked as a School Project Manager for the charity The Place2Be in 2009,” Sarah explains. “Jane was a volunteer counsellor at the school I was based in. We stayed in contact after we left The Place2Be, and when we started to develop our private practices, we decided to share a space together.”


Jane adds, “We worked well together, as we have many shared interests in how we hope to support and encourage the emotional wellbeing of children. Children are and always will be our main focus, so their voices and talents can be heard and nurtured.”

Our container spaces at the Bone Yard opened to residents at the perfect moment for Sarah and Jane, who snapped one up immediately after viewing – while the site was still very much a work in progress. Jane had heard of similar communities in London and Bristol, and as she says, “When Sarah came across an advert to rent a container, we were straight in there!  The timing was just right, and we felt it was meant to be.”

A positive place to be: inspiring and motivating

Sarah says she knew instantly that it was somewhere she would love to work. “I really look forward to my work at The Bone Yard. It is a really positive place to be, I feel inspired and motivated when I am there, and I especially love listening to the bird song whilst I work. It once served as a scaffolding yard is in the heart of the city, so has an industrial feel to it; however, the current residents have softened the yard with vegetable beds, flowers and colourful graffiti art.” 

Jane adds, “Meeting lovely new people who are also linked to the Bone Yard community has been a bonus.  You are rarely alone here, which is lovely.”  


They both find that the space is a perfect place for treating clients; as Jane comments, “It’s friendly, quirky and unique.  It appeals to our clients, who have given really positive feedback on its uniqueness and vibrancy.”

WD40… and a new addition

Over the year and a half since, the two have experienced both challenges and successes. “Our biggest success has been successfully maintaining a constant stream of clients, as there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding private work in this field,” Sarah explains. “Thankfully, we’ve had a consistent caseload, combining both short and long term clients.”

Working in a former scaffolding yard has brought out Jane’s practical side, “like learning to carry WD40 and other equipment in the winter in case our locks get frozen!”  Sarah is currently on maternity leave, following the birth of her second child in March; as she says, “My greatest challenge will soon be juggling my private work at Therapy at The Bone Yard with looking after two young children!”

What’s next for Therapy at the Bone Yard?

The two are looking forward to developing some new relationships with referral sources this year, and working together to grow, promote and expand Therapy at the Bone Yard. Sarah says, “I am really excited to see how my work life is going to pan out over the next few years!” 

In the near future Jane is planning to run mindfulness workshops, for teenagers and adults, possibly in the Bone Yard’s community space.

Thinking of starting up your own business or side project?


Sarah’s advice to anyone thinking of setting up their own venture? “Follow your dreams: sometimes it is worth taking that risk. There are lots of people and organisations that can help advise and support you when starting up your own business. It isn’t as scary as you might think!” Jane adds, “Yes – do plenty of research of course, but with the right timing, taking a gamble often pays off.”

Get in touch with Jane and Sarah

Jane and Sarah are available and happy to answer any questions you may have about Art Psychotherapy or Counselling, and to discuss any potential referrals, so please do get in touch. 

Twitter: @TherapyattheBY
Instagram: therapyattheboneyard

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