Meet the residents: Twin Made

Charlotte Peacock of Twin Made runs creative workshops from her bright and colourful container at the Bone Yard. She offers all kinds of activities, from lampshade making to Espadrilles and everything in between, and all her workshops are designed specifically so that crafters are able to come in and make something in just two or three hours, then take it home and be able to make lots more.  New workshops are introduced each month, alongside established favourites.


A colourful, creative community

Twin Made set up shop at the Bone Yard after Charlotte began running pop-up workshops around Cardiff and realised there was a real appetite for what she was offering.  She says, “I have always been creative and set up an Etsy Shop nearly 10 years ago. I have never been able to stick with one craft or media and love learning and teaching  new things, so it was a natural progression.”

The Bone Yard has been an ideal place for Charlotte to host her workshops. Twin Made started off in one of our warehouse spaces, but when a container became available Charlotte snapped it up. She says, “When I discovered the Bone Yard I knew it would be a perfect place to have a studio. The whole community is so colourful and creative, I love it! The residents regularly help each other out or bounce ideas off each other.”

A heart full of crafty goodness


Charlotte is always keen to learn and teach new things, and she’s looking forward to introducing lots more new workshops. Her favourite quote? “I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it” – Vincent Van Gogh.  However, she says that working out which workshops work and those that don’t is all part of the job – and can be a challenge.

Despite the challenge, running the Twin Made workshops is hugely rewarding, and the best part for Charlotte is “having customers contact me after a workshop to show me their makes and how they’ve been using the skills they’ve learnt.  It fills my heart with crafty goodness!” 

Charlotte is excited about reducing her hours in her day job to work more on Twin Made, and is full of encouragement for anyone who dreams of starting a side project or small business; she says, “If you’re doing what you love, you will always find – or make – time for it!”

Fancy booking a Twin Made workshop?

Twin Made have lots coming up! Keep an eye on their social networking sites and sign up to the mailing list here:

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