The beginnings of the Bone Yard

The Bone Yard has now been up and running for nearly two years, time has flown by! We will be bringing you a series of spotlight blog posts on each of our wonderful residents, but before we do I want to re-wind back to how this all started in 2013, and show you a few before and after shots.


The idea was first planted back in 2013 when we visited Christchurch in New Zealand. It was after the recent earthquake had decimated the CBD and they had used shipping containers to create retail spaces for independent business'. They worked really well and we loved the set up, we discussed then that containers would make cool studio spaces.

Having rented studio spaces for years we knew how difficult it was to find affordable spaces in decent locations in Cardiff. In 2013 we were kicked out of our space in LLandaff North as the area was to be redeveloped into flats/housing. Along with many other small creative business' in that estate we were on the hunt for somewhere new and many of us ended up in this hidden away industrial estate in Canton. Our neighbours and friends Tom, Jude and Rob, took on a big old building in the estate and created what is now the Printhaus. We took a small studio space in the estate and were there for a couple of years, opposite our space was a big yard full of rubbish, scaffolding and rats, we thought it had great potential!


Once the scaffolders that were renting the yard moved out we tentatively approached the landowner with the bonkers idea of filling the yard with shipping container studio's and to our surprise he liked the idea. Cardiff council planning department were unfortunately not so receptive and it took us nearly a year to obtain planning permission. By this time we had all but given up on the project and when we were shocked when we finally got permission, we actually had to do it now!

Cue a few months of very hard work and with lots of support from family and friends and the containers were ready. We welcomed the first residents in August 2015 and I'm very happy to say that some of those original residents are still with us now. We had imagined that the spaces would be mostly filled by artists but in reality we have a far more varied and hence interesting occupancy. 

The space has a great sense of community and in future blog posts we will be introducing you to each of our residents, watch this space!

Steele & Stovell