The Bone Yard is moving...

The Bone Yard Cardiff

We found out at the start of this year that the site the Bone Yard is on was to be sold for redevelopment. This was really sad news but not wholly un-expected. The Bone Yard site was situated between Pontcanna and Canton, a prime area for housing and is privately owned and we new the march of gentrification wouldn’t take too long to reach us.

We set about searching for a new site to house our shipping containers and ideally also our warehouse businesses. This is tricky in Cardiff as unlike many other cities such like those in the North of England we don’t have many large industrial areas left in central locations. The industrial areas in Cardiff are largely located on the outskirts of the city and would not work for our small businesses who aim to be nearer residential areas to work with local communities.

After many failed searches we came accross a plot of land not far from our current location. This was a yard space in Canton on Paper Mill Road, next to a new housing development called Ely Mill. The yard is located between Paper Mill Road and Cowbridge Road East which means it can be easily accessed by car and on foot. The yard was not advertised for rent and after some enquiries we managed to get contact details for the company that owned the site. Fast forward a few months later and we had put forward a proposal to move The Bone Yard to the new site and the landlord was was open minded to the proposed use of the site and excited at the prospect.

Now 6 months later we are about to ship off and move our container community to the new site. Sadly there wasn’t provision here for the warehouse businesses but thankfully they have found great new spaces to occupy.

We plan to be settled onsite at the end of this month (September 2019) we cant wait to welcome everyone down to the new site. Stay tuned for more news on our onsite container cafe and our launch party.