We’re Blossom & Nectar. Ethical Beekeepers. We sell products from our hives and bee related gifts. 

90% of our labels are made from seedpaper which is made from sustainable plants and the seeds for flowers that bees love to pollinate and have high levels of nectar to make great honey.

Our wax is made from sustainable welsh wax and the bees are free to fly where they want to gather pollen.

Our Fabric Waxwraps are made from British organic hemp. Unlike cotton, hemp grows without the need for pesticides or herbicides ,so doesn’t kill the bees. Using 20% of the water needed to grow cotton it is also more environmentally more sustainable than many other crops. Hemp is antibacterial, breathable, stong and & durable. 

All of our packaging is plastic free, recycled and recyclable. Although we’d like to think you’d keep our lovely hamper box for storage. We hope you love our Bee Box Hampers & products and the little part you’ve played in creating a happy kinder environment for the bees and all of us.