To us, Scotch eggs have forever been the ultimate snack. Dissatisfied by the countless phony imitations served in supermarkets and the spiritless feeling you are left with after eating one, we decided enough is enough! We are going to do something about it!

In April 2017, in a tiny kitchen in Pontcanna, Wales (an eggscellent spot), a careful balance of herbs, seasoning and one small onion was added to some locally sourced Welsh pork. This mouthwatering mix was wrapped around a soft boiled free-range egg from Brecon, coated in breadcrumbs and the Pork Fiction Scotch egg born.

Since then we have not looked back, refining our flavours, creating new recipes and doing all we can to develop and provide a range of products, which will bring joy to both us and the people we meet on our journey.


Art studio Cardiff